Defending Sri Lanka Navy From Cyber Attacks


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Cyber Security Cell established to protect information and Information communication technology (ICT) assets from multi-faceted cyber threats by monitoring, reviewing and analyzing the security infrastructure, procedures adopted within Sir Lanka Navy (SLN) continuously and to respond any sort of information security incidents in accordance with Cyber Security Policy.

CSC will function at Naval Headquarters directly under the Commander of the Navy and will conduct inspections / audits on data centres, data network infrastructure and end user devices   for identification of possible vulnerabilities to ensure their security controls are in par with policy and standards defined by SLN.


Major Topics to Include:


Building and Maintaining a Ready Force to Conduct Cyber Operations


Defending the Information Network


Maintaining International Cyber Space Operations


Defending the SL Naval Force from Disruptive and Destructive Cyber Attacks


Utilizing a Layered Defense to Protect the Defense Industrial Base


Building Bridges to the Private Sector


Developing and Integrating New Cyber Security Strategies


Utilizing Cyber as a Means of Unconventional Warfare


Investigating cyber-crime and related offences in SLN



"Defending Sri Lanka Navy From Cyber Attacks"


Cyber Security Cell

Naval Headquaters,

Colombo 01


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